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Tiny Home Rentals

By Jason Jourdan

Could it be that Airbnb’s and hotels are not fully reflecting the transformative nature of the travel recovery? In a time of global reprioritization, the travel industry is reinventing itself by prioritizing sustainability and redefining responsible tourism. The influence of which is nowhere better seen than in the rising popularity of tiny homes. These small properties are making a big impact in vacation rentals!

Tiny homes are known to facilitate the reduction of tourists’ carbon footprint, offer sustainable ways of living, and allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy a new destination without harming the environment. Featuring amenities (or luxuries depending on your destination) like a hot shower, comfortable bed, or running water, these miniature models of conservation are rapidly emerging thanks to the communities of tiny house rentals being constructed across the international landscape.

Business Insider researched the rental trends for tiny homes and found that their popularity spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourists were interested in finding an escape, and what better way to socially distance while being socially conscience? In a recent survey, 72% of respondents indicated a willingness to purchase a tiny home as a real estate investment, and 63% said they would consider leasing the property as a long-term rental unit.

Tiny home rentals, already popular throughout the United States, are now seeing widespread growth among other counties like Ireland, Japan, and Australia. Tiny houses have gone global, and international travelers are eager to sample the unique vibes a diminutive vacation property has to offer.

Community trend and advocacy site, Curbed, published an article on the best tiny homes around the world:

–    Endemico in Ensenada, Mexico

–    Domaine Floravie in Rimouski, Quebec

–    Finn Lough in Northern Ireland

–    Lushna Villas in Slovenia

–    Loch Ness Glamping in Scotland

The list continues with three more destinations. PurePods in New Zealand holds 3 locations outside of Christchurch, and what gives these tiny homes their edge is they are made entirely of heavy-duty glass. Strandcamping, Groede is a lush experience located on the beaches of the Netherlands. There is space for RVs and tents, floor-to-ceiling windows in each cabin, and it’s a dog-friendly community! Next is Hoshinoya Fuji, a scenic resort nestled among the red pines of a local park in full view of Mt. Fuji. Guests enjoy private balconies and fireplaces in every cabin!

Business Insider also features its own mix of tiny property destinations:

– Dattenfeld, Windeck, Germany

–    Amsterdam, Netherlands

–    Briarwood, NSW, Australia

–    Rognes, France

–    Tallarook, VIC, Australia

“The International” Tiny House is the house-on-wheels located near Grampians National Park in Australia. The rental has room for the whole family and takes eco-tourism to a whole new level. With an unyielding environmental commitment, The International Tiny House boasts a solar panel farm among its many sustainable amenities. Other highlights include:

–    Portable water

–    Kitchen

–    Showers

–    Picnic table

–    Bins and laundry

–    No WIFI (yes, this is an amenity!)

From the enrichment of responsible travel to the serenity of a digital detox, tiny living is an affordable and satisfying way to maximize a vacation experience! When choosing a destination, it’s essential to consider all rental options as well as needed insurance coverage. Peace of mind can be found in the fast and simple policies offered by Point Comfort® Travel. Not even goat yoga in the Netherlands provides balance like the inner comfort of knowing a full range of travel-related contingencies are covered:

·       COVID-19 Medical Expense Coverage up to the Policy Maximum

·       Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

·       Emergency Medical Reunion

·       Return of Minor Child

·       Emergency Traveler Assistance

Namaste to the big impact of tiny houses and Point Comfort Travel coverage!

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